LF Founding Story

Sanne van der Ploeg - Founder Luna Fierce Labe

Luna Fierce was founded at the beginning of 2020 by Sanne van der Ploeg. Here is why she felt the need to create this community-first platform with a focus on inner wisdom and connection:

"After three years of doing it society's way, I was done. Done with the consistent craving for doing more and being better, a craving that was being fed by the messages I saw online, the people around me, and the conditioned beliefs in my own mind. Done with the pressure, the rush, and so done with the chase. I knew spirituality was my way out. The connection with my ultimate self. Yet, along my journey I was taught that spirituality (Law of Attraction) was basically another way to get, get, get. I realized that the people that taught me were throwing around 'spiritual' terms like manifesting, Law of Attraction, and all that around without real inner awareness and connection to the purest consciousness. They treated it as yet another tool to help you get what you want. The only thing that'll help you do is staying caught up in the chase for the rest of your life, without a sense of what life (and business) is really about.

I knew I had to redefine what spirituality was to me, discover real connection and inner well-being. I didn't know anybody else who was on this journey, feeling like this. I felt alone. I had no one to talk to. I felt like the weird one. But then, there was a turning point. People that vibrated on the same level started to come on my path. They felt the same. They understood. The conversations we had were groundbreaking. The connection we experienced - both with our Self and with each other - was out of this world. The clarity and growth that dawned upon us was so liberating. It was beautiful. That's when I knew: the world needs this. We all want the same thing in life, yet we're never going to find it in the external world. It all starts within. Deep within. With this community-first educational platform, I want to help you reach that point, while you're surrounded by people that just get it."