Let's stay connected in a disconnected world. Together.

Do you want nothing more than...
...to move through daily spiritually connected and being unapologetic about it,
...to live a care-free life and make a difference in the world,
...to do what you love and feel good as hell (Lizzo voice🎶) while at it?
You came to the right place, sis! 

This is how we can help you to stay connected and feel good

The place to be to get closer to who you are, stay connected, and create the life that you deserve - filled with ease, love, abundance, and freedom.
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Luna Fierce

A way of life, a state of being

LUNA: Reaching for connection with your heart, soul & the highest of all. Finding peace, love, and freedom within.
FIERCE: Getting out there, being unapologetic about your truth, high vibes & visions. Making a difference in your life and the lives of others. No more holding back.

Luna Fierce represents a state of being, a way of living. The way that leads to giving back to the world wholeheartedly & getting the most fulfillment out of life. It's not a lonely road. We're in this journey of becoming together. ♥

Sanne van der Ploeg - Founder Luna Fierce

LF Founder

I came up with the term Luna Fierce along my spiritual journey, right after I made the stupidest mistake in my life that made me realize I was completely ego-driven. From that point on, I was dedicated to live life my way, the soulful way. But, turns out: that isn't always easy, dealing with deeply rooted old patterns and learning about connectedness in a disconnected society. For me 'Luna Fierce' makes it easier. It serves as a reminder of the state of being and the way of living that I'm reaching for. Whenever I catch myself in a moment of disconnect, I get back thinking: "let's be all Luna Fierce about this". First connect, then act.

Sanne van der ploeg

You can totally sit with us

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